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Data Compression

What is data compression? Data compression is a reduction in the number of BIT needed to represent data. Compressing data can save storage capacity, speed up file transfer, and decrease…

Magento 2

Extending / Overriding JS in Magento 2

Extending / Overriding JS in Magento 2 Hello everyone. Sometimes, you want to change the Magento JS core. But you can not change directly in Magento source code. So you…

Magento 2

Magento 2: How to remove 2 decimal in create new order email template

This is the way we can overriding Block or Model in Magento 2. Sometime when developing a website in Magento 2 we need change something for suitable with the requirement….

Drupal 8

How to disabling one field based on the contents of another form element in Drupal 8

Drupal’s Form API helps developers build complex, extendable user input forms with minimal code. For most common Form UI tasks, the #states system eliminates the need to write custom JavaScript….